IMAJ is a high quality textured finish for Exterior and Interior use. Available in a wide range of various textured finishes that range from smooth, fine, medium, coarse & glossy finishes.

It gives a protective finish for application on concrete, plaster, gypsum, masonry and wooden boards. It is well suited for covering unevenness and hairline cracks of the surface.

Product Range:
Super Putty (Interior)
Internal Wood Filler
Levelling Compound
Acrylic Primer Sealer
Tex Primer
Interior Plastic Emulsion
Acrylic Matt Emulsion (Ext/Int)
Superior flat Emulsion
Latex Flat Emulsion
Vinyl Slik Emulsion
Satin Emulsion
Superior flat Emulsion
Fine Texture Finish
Medium Texture Finish
Coarse Texture Finish
Acrylic Texture Gloss
Rolling Compound
Elastomeric Roofseal